‘Arnab Goswami’s cheaper version’ faces torrid time on social media for glaring biases


Amish Devgn of News18 India has often faced public ridicule for his brazen biases in favour of the ruling BJP. A Congress spokesperson had once famously called him a ‘news trader’ and ‘pimp’ during a live TV debate on Devgan’s own TV channel. Since then, his critics have frequently targeted him by calling him a ‘cheap copy of Arnab Goswami,’ ‘poor man’s Arnab Goswami’ or expletives used by Congress spokesperson Rajiv Tyagi. The TV anchor working for Mukesh Ambani-owned channel has now been subjected to an incessant attack from comedian Kunal Kamra, who created a series of memes ridiculing him with the ‘broker’ jibe. Rattled by the intensity of attack both from Kamra and social media users including some journalists, Devgan urged Twitter to ban the comedian on the microblogging site.

Arnab Goswami

What appeared to rub Devgan up the wrong way was Kamra’s tweet highlighting statistics to prove the TV anchor’s biases. He wrote, “Last 100 debates on @News18India by Dear Friend @AMISHDEVGAN Attacking Pakistan : 23 Attacking Opposition : 51 Praising Modi & Shah : 15 Ram Mandir : 8 Haryana election results : 1 MS Dhoni : 1 Lawyers vs Police : 1 *Kaale coat ka sitam, insaaf maange Singham* ”

Earlier Kamra had likened Devgan to a pet dog of Prime Minister Narwendra Modi

Separately, Kamra also targeted Zee News anchor Sudhir Chaudhary by comparing him to a dog and a snake. prompting the controversial anchor to also urge Twitter India to ban the comedian on the social media platform. Chaudhary wrote, “Urging @TwitterIndia
to block this man who hides behind satire to abuse others.People like him misuse freedom of expression & their blue ticks to make this a toxic platform.They target specific individuals to gain traction. It’s time to expose their cheap stunts.Enough is enough!”

Devgan said that he agreed with Chgaudhary’s demand for a ban on Kamra as he wrote, “I agree with @sudhirchaudhary this man is crossing all his limits @verified @TwitterIndia must act & stop this Venom.”

Even before Devgan could recuperate from Kamra’s sustained attacks, he began to face mocking from social media users, who called him ‘sasta Arnab‘ in a bid to highlight his biases during the coverage of the recent political crisis in Maharashtra.

Meanwhile, Kamra has continued with his attack against Devgan by replacing the word ‘Dalal’ on Mumbai’s Dalal Street with Devgan’s photo. Dalal in English means broker.