British Indian woman accuses BJP IT Cell member of harassment; triggers war of words among right-wing supporters

A British Indian social media influencer has accused a BJP IT Cell member of harassment by using leaked explicit images. Kamya Buch, whose Twitter bio describes her ‘digital nomad’ and someone who educates ‘on Hindu traditions,’ took to social media to name and shame the alleged BJP IT Cell member.

According to Kamya Buch, Chandan Singh, who runs Twitter handle @TheSquind, has been ‘falsely defaming me and using leaked explicit images to harass me since months.’

“His harassment became more prominent after the release of Upword’s documentary on Bankey Bihari corridor, continuously dragging my name simply for having an independent opinion. There is information that he uses his power to approach minors,” the woman wrote.

Buch added that there was no excuse for the sexual abuse or harassment for women and men, adding that ‘there is no excuse for cyber bullying.’

She added, “Remember that a persons character is decided how he treats others. I may have been a victim of a bad relationship five years ago from where those images have been extracted, but that does NOT excuse public lynching and abuse.

“India is known internationally as a country that has low women’s rights. Hindus are barely fighting for their own rights and voice world over.”

She urged BJP functionaries to investigate the matter saying that ’employing such a person defames the name of BJP and harasses ordinary Hindu women, is not acceptable.’

Responding to Buch’s allegations, Singh accused the woman of defaming Hindu religion. He highlighted Buch’s British nationality as he asked her to stay from the Indian affairs.

“If you are a British citizen, why are you poking your nose in our affairs? Stick to lecturing your British Govt. on how to tackle the grooming gang instead. You are a fraud & we don’t want your sasta gyan on our religious places,” Singh told Buch.

Taking a dig at Buch’s hypocrisy, he wrote on Twitter, “Brahmins should not touch Shudra Mudi but I can take Onlyfans mam who posts fingering pics at Temple entrance to kashi trip. ~Part time kashi saviour & Full time Honda Sher.”

In her tweets, Buch also complained on the lack of support from the Hindutva groups as she drew a parallel with how the supporters of the Left ideology would have reacted in the event that a complaint of harassment was made by one of their own.