Body spray ad promoting rape banned, Indian government orders social media platforms to take down ad


The Indian government has ordered social media platforms such as YouTube and Twitter to take down the controversial ad of a body spray brand after outrage over its role in promoting rape.

A news flash by ANI read, “Information and Broadcasting Ministry orders suspension of controversial deodorant advertisement. An inquiry is being held as per the advertising code.”

Angry social media users had urged Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani to act as the ad evoked angry protests.

In the controversial ad, a group of boys is seen forcibly entering a room where a young couple is seated on the bed. One of the boys asks, “Hey bro, it seems you’ve had your shot.” The boy seated next to the girl, replies with sheepish smile, “Yes, I had (my shot).”

This prompts the boy to announce that it was his turn next. The girl reacts in fear and surprise as two boys have a conversation about ‘shots’ and their turns.

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The camera moves to a table where the body spray ‘shot’ is kept and it emerges that the boy, who had forcibly entered the room, was referring to the body spray and not a forced sex.

But the ad had caused outrage from netizens, who felt that it was promoting rape in a country, which is already struggling in controlling the sexual violence against women.