BJP leader compares Mughal emperor Akbar with Hitler, becomes social media joke


If you thought the controversy over rechristening a famous road was over after the Indian government renamed Delhi’s Aurangzeb Road after APJ Abdul Kalam, then you were wrong.


Senior functionaries of the ruling BJP have now stepped up campaign to do away with the name, Akbar Road, in Delhi.

The idea to change Akbar Road to Maharana Pratap Road was first mooted by Haryana’s chief minister, Manohar Lal Khattar. Within days, this received support from another influential BJP leader and the former army chief, VK Singh.

Soon, other prominent faces of the saffron party took upon themselves to defend their leaders and began to voice their concerns against ‘perils’ of continuing with a name as objectionable as Akbar.

For novice, Akbar was one of the few Mughal rulers, who worked towards building bridges between Hindus and Muslims and had even launched something known as ‘Deen-e-Ilahi’ to achieve religious tolerance in India.

That’s what many of us learnt through our school textbooks before attempts were made to erase India’s past.

The controversy over the demand to rename Akbar Road gained considerable momentum on Wednesday after BJP leader Shain NC tweeted comparing the Mughal ruler with Hitler.

Social media users erupted in anger with many questioning her education.

Here are some examples.