Bigg Boss 12: Bhajan singer Anup Jalota announces he’s ‘dumping’ girlfriend Jasleen Matharu

The Bigg Boss season 12 has taken an unexpected twist within the first three weeks of its launch. The much-talked-about love affair between Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu is just about to seemingly meet its end. At least that’s what the promo for Tuesday’s show suggests.

That’s because a particular development on Monday caused bad blood between the two madly-in-love contestants. Monday was the day when the nomination process started and as part of the challenge, the single contestants were asked to kidnap one member of the couple before asking the other partner to concede to the kidnapper’s demands to have the member of the jodi released.

Dipika was the first contestant and she decided to kidnap Anup Jalota. She then phoned up Jasleen to inform that her partner Anup Jalota was in her captivity. She told her, “If you want him released, you have to cut your hair by yourself and destroy your make-up and clothes within an hour.”

A desperate Jasleen then requested Dipika pleading that she should understand the pain of an actor why make-up was important for her. Pat came a terse reply from Dipika, “This is the game. I will lose the challenge if I consider your request. So, sorry, you will have to fulfill my demand.”

Romil Choudhary, who was evicted on Sunday before being allowed re-entry into the house requested Dipika on behalf of Jasleen, but to no avail.

Pained by Jasleen’s preference for her clothes, make-up and hair, her boyfriend said with his voice filled with utter pain, “Jasleen, do you love me more or your clothes, make-up and hair?”

Jasleen later told housemates that the reason why she did not want to part ways with her clothes and make-up was because even her parents did not know her size and would not be able to send her replacement outfits.

Though Jasleen briefly agreed to concede to Dipika’s demands, she changed her mind after reaching the washroom area while continuously crying. “It’s not that I love my make-up, but I am staying in a house where I can’t have the replacement. I wouldn’t get them back,” she told the housemates.

The couple lost the challenge in the end, thereby having themselves nominated. Realising the implications, a visibly pained Jalota told Neha Pendse, “Neha, they will get us out of the house now?” When Neha tried to defend Jasleen in front of the bhajan singerJalota replied, “What about me? (She did this) Just for clothes?”

In the promo for Tuesday, aired by Colors, an angry Jalota is seen losing his cool before announcing that he has parted ways with Jasleen and will, henceforth, play the game as a single contestant.

Talking about their relationship, the recently-evicted housemate Kriti Verma had said, “Clear love hai. Starting mein hume bhi baakiyon ki tara thora sa doubt hua tha. But as days passed by, hume pyar dikhta hai.” Roshmi Banik had added, “It is a very cute vichitra indeed and lovey-dovey relation. Un logon ka equation normal girlfriend boyfriend se kaafi different hai isliye shayad logon ko samjh nai aa ra but believe us hum log reh chuke hain. It’s 100 % genuine and they are really very sweet together.”

Jalota and Jasleen had stunned by publicly confessing that they had been in a romantic relationship for last three years. Jalota has been Jasleen’s music teacher. Reacting to the news, Jasleen’s father had said that his friends had been taunting at him with some even suggesting him to carry out honour killing of his daughter.


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