Avril Lavigne makes sensational comeback after fighting Lyme disease


Canadian singer and songwriter Avril Lavigne has made a comeback on stage for the first time in a year after battling with Lyme disease.

The pop star recently performed at the opening ceremony of the 2015 Special Olympics at the Los Angeles Coliseum. While debuting her latest song ‘Fly’ at the ceremony, the thirty-year-old singer said that it was a very beautiful night for her.

Lavigne had described her difficult and long recovery from the disease on television show ‘Good Morning America’ last month and said she now had a “second shot at life”, adding that she was now doing a lot better.

Talking about her disease that was diagnosed in 2014, Lavigne said that it had been a difficult year for her fighting through Lyme disease and she was happy to have made it to the Olympic stage. She also thanked fans who support the Avril Lavigne Foundation, reported People magazine.

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