Arnab Goswami’s debate sinks to new low after woman guest questions AIMIM leader’s ‘manhood’; Republic TV founder in fix


When Arnab Goswami returned to his TV on Monday to discuss the fallout of last week’s protests by Muslims over the Prophet row, little did he anticipate that his show on Republic TV would sink to a new low. This was after two of his guests on Republic TV called each other names and a woman participant took a dig at AIMIM leader Waris Pathan’s manhood, leaving the Republic TV founder in a fix.

Arnab Goswami
Screenshot from Republic TV debate

Goswami was debating the protests by Muslims over the Prophet row in Uttar Pradesh last Friday. Starting the debate, Goswami said, “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been three days since Friday’s violence. We saw the violence, which took place in some cities. We saw our policemen bleeding, injured, stoned. And yet, there’s an attempt to whitewash this reality.”

Goswami was joined by nearly a dozen-odd guests to discuss the topic. While those arguing in favour of suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma justified the police action against Muslims in Uttar Pradesh, Goswami’s Muslim guests lashed out at UPCM Yogi Adityanath for doing away with the rule of law.

Adityanath has been facing widespread condemnation for demolishing a house of a Muslim activist, Afreen Fatima, in Allahabad.

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AIMIM MLA Waris Pathan raised the topic of illegal action taken by the Adityanath government as he asked if the Uttar Pradesh CM had become a new Chief Justice. Pathan said that Afreen Fatima’s house was demolished because she had lawfully raised her voice against the central government’s laws on CAA and the NRC.

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Just when Pathan was busy making his argument, one Suboohi Khan, representing the BJP’s point of view on the matter, interrupted. This appeared to irk Pathan, who firmly told her, “Khamosh (Be quiet).”

Angered by Pathan’s insult, Khan told the AIMIM lawmaker, “Control your tongue.”

Pathan replied, “Tameez nahi seekhna hai tum jaise logon se (I don’t need to learn manner from people like you).”

Khan urged Goswami to reduce Pathan’s audio volume so that she could make her argument. Pathan warned the Republic TV founder that he would walk away from the show if he tinkered with the volume of his audio. Goswami had no option but to assure Pathan that his audio wouldn’t be tinkered with.

“I am not reducing anyone’s voice,” Goswami assured the AIMIM MLA.

Khan emphasised that her name was ‘Suboohi KHAN’ as she warned Pathan to stay within his limit. This was met with a disdainful response from Pathan, who said, “chup baith (Sit down quietly).” Pathan later called Khan an idiot as he asked her to ‘shut up’

Later in the programme, the verbal spat between Khan and Pathan turned, even more, uglier as the former asked the AIMIM leader, “Why is your manly ego hurt? Is your manhood injured?”

Goswami, who found himself placed in a predicament, jumped in to take control of the debate as and decided to wind up the show.