Archana Puran Singh takes perfect revenge on Krushna Abhishek after The Kapil Sharma Show co-star ‘caught’ working as dress man inside her vanity van

Archana Puran Singh recently took perfect revenge on Krushna Abhishek after her co-star on The Kapil Sharma Show was ‘caught’ working as a dress man inside her vanity van. We learnt this from one of Archana’s recent video diaries that have become a rage of sorts with fans often waiting in anticipation for her next Instagram post. Not too long ago, Archana had proven Kapil Sharma wrong on crocodile claims by giving us a sneak peek at her boat journey back home. Days later, the popular Bollywood actress shared a video of her behind-the-scene encounter with her co-star Krushna Abhishek of The Kapil Sharma Show. Not only did she leave everyone in splits by announcing that Krushna had been caught working as her dress man, but she also told her fans that she will never take offence to jokes targeting her on The Kapil Sharma Show. 

In her latest video diary, Archana is seen sitting inside her vanity van getting ready for her popular comedy show. Also seen in the video is Krushna, who is seen speaking to his wife Kashmera on the phone. Soon after Archana announces that Krushna is inside her vanity van, the latter says, “I can’t ignore this call because it’s Kashmera on the line.” Krushna informs his wife that he’s inside Archana’s vanity van. To which, Archana shouts making sure that Kashmera hears her, “Nothing is happening here. Even my son is here. Kashmera, don’t worry.”

When Archana teases Krushna for pronouncing ‘love you’ to his wife on the phone, Krushna replies cheekily, “I have to say this in compulsion. If I don’t say ‘love you,’ then I will be in problem. She (Kashmera) tells me ‘love you’ even louder when I am in other people’s vanity vans.”

Krushna also reveals that he has prepared good jokes on Archana, prompting the latter to pretend to hit her with her hairbrush. She says, “As usual. They are always after me.” But she quickly adds, “But, I want to tell people. They (Krushna and other co-stars) love me so much. How can people get offended.”

Just when the dress man arrives with Archana’s dress for the show. Krushna collects the dress on behalf of her celebrated co-star, prompting Archana to declare, “See. Krushna has been caught working as a dress man in my vanity van.”

Krushna quickly changes the conversation in his favour by making fun of the size of Archana’s dress. Impressed by his response, Archana says, “Now, I am being insulted even inside my vanity van.”

Archana Puran Singh often has to face jokes targeted at her by her co-stars such as Kapil. Krushna or Kiku Sharda. This was perhaps her way of pulling off a perfect revenge on her co-star. Fans loved their banter with one saying that this provided more ‘fun’ than even The Kapil Sharma Show.

Archana had recently taken to Instagram to prove Kapil wrong that she did not travel back to Madh Island taking two crocodiles.

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