Anupam Kher denied Pakistani visa, says he’s disappointed


Actor Anupam Kher has claimed that he had been been denied visa by Pakistan to attend the Karachi Literature Fest, scheduled to be held later this week.

Speaking to CNN-IBN, Kher said he was disappointed on being denied the visa adding that 17 out of 18 people were granted the visa while he was the only one who wasn’t granted the same.

Earlier, the actor had tweeted implying that the delay was the ‘deadliest form of denial.’

Explaining the reason for accepting the invitation from the organisers of the Karachi Lit Fest, Kher told ANI, “Art and culture don’t have boundaries,so I had agreed for the Karachi Literature Festival. Maybe its due to my point of view on Kashmiri Pandits or my pro-PM stand.”

The Pakistan High Commission clarified that Kher had not even applied for the visa.

But, Kher alleged that Pakistan High Commission ‘was lying’ adding that he would request ‘my government’ to raise the issue with Pakistan.

The controversial actor has been in the news after critics questioned the merit to honour him with a top government honour, Padma Bhushan award.

However, the twitter users were quick to post tweets, mostly mocking the actor.

Here is a snapshot of twitter conversation;


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