Anand Mahindra announces winner of ‘Mahindra collectible scale model toy car’


Industrialist Anand Mahindra on Thursday raised the cricket fever by announcing a riddle, promising that early birds will get ‘Mahindra collectible scale model toy car.’ Mahindra, whose social media posts have often evoked overwhelming responses from netizens, asked about a cricketer, who’s as good in the 50-0ver game as he was in chess.

Anand Mahindra

He wrote, “With #TeamIndia in the semis,cricket fever is intensifying. Let me fuel that fever with a riddle: ‘Talented in 64 squares; unstoppable in 50 overs’ Guess who this Indian player is.. Fastest fingers to the right answer wins a Mahindra collectible scale model toy car….”

No sooner did he post his tweet, his timeline flooded with replies with the majority of users replying that the correct answer was Yuzvendra Chahal, who’s been very impressive with his bowling in the current World Cup.

Mahindra later announced the winner, identified as Chandu Agrawal. He wrote, “Expected a good response but stunned by how many responded so quickly with the answer.Clearly, cricket’s in our veins! And here’s the quickest finger..You were like greased lightning Chandu! Please email with your mailing address to get your scale model.”

Chahal has already taken 11 wickets with one more match to go before India play their semi-final match.