Akshay Kumar mocked as new age Sarvarkar after he’s caught liking tweet rejoicing brutalities against Jamia students


Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is facing brutal trolling with many calling him the new age Savarkar after he was caught liking a tweet that glorified the brutalities against Jamia students. Left red-faced, Akshay had to take to Twitter to issue a clarification for his action.

He wrote, “Regarding the ‘like’ on the tweet of Jamia Milia students, it was by mistake. I was scrolling and accidentally it must have been pressed and when I realised I immediately unliked it as In no way do I support such acts.”

The tweet that Akshay had controversially liked was by a known Hindutva troll, who had posted a video of the police brutality against Jamia students with a sarcastic caption that read, “Congratulations, Jamia has received the freedom.”

No sooner did Akshay’s clarification come, Twitterati began to mock him for being a new age Savarkar, a Hindutva icon known for writing mercy pleas to the British during India’s freedom struggle. User ‘Comrade From Kerala’ wrote, “Keeping up the legacy of Savarkar.” Another user ‘Iron Man’ posted a photo of Savarkar and wrote, “That’s my boy.”User ‘Adil Shine’ wrote, “Accidentally unknowingly Peer Savarkar.”

Akshay has often faced flak for supporting Narendra Modi and helping his divisive agenda. He had come under huge condemnation for agreeing to be a part of an orchestrated interview of the prime minister right in the middle of the elections to help him electorally.

Akshay’s latest action became controversial in light of the silence maintained by big Bollywood names as campus protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act spread across India. Police have been accused of brutalities in Jamia and AMU. Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap had recently lashed out at big names for their silence on the issue.