Age restrictions for music videos in UK now


Even as we in India are oblivious to the ill effects of our children being exposed to explicit videos produced within our own country; developed countries around the world chose to draw the line between what is appropriate an what isn’t for their kids to watch.

Music videos produced in the UK will now come with a movie-like age rating, which will establish whether a video is appropriate for child viewing or not. This step has been taken by the British Board of Film Classification in a bid to protect their children from viewing or listening to music, which may be meant for adults.

Sony Music UK, Universal Music UK and Warner Music UK have agreed for their videos to go through this grading process before it is published on video sharing websites youtube and Vevo. The grading system make the viewer certify that he/she is of a certain age to view or hear certain music videos. Like for movies, the videos will be divided into the 12 and over, 15 and over and 18 over brackets.

“Keeping children safe as they experience and enjoy all the benefits the internet has to offer is a key priority for this Government’s One Nation approach to help families across Britain.

“We will continue to work with industry to develop ways to help parents to better protect children online from inappropriate music videos with explicit adult or violent content.”

Music videos are often criticised for being too raunchy or violent – which only seeks to add to their publicity.

Some have also been accused of creating a poor body image for girls and violence against women.

These age ratings will only apply to music videos produced in the UK. The vast majority of those that are considered controversial come from the United States, and will not be subject to the ratings.

The question still remains is that will India ever wake up to the lack of suitable online filtering and the fact that we are at a danger of bringing up an entire generation that is simply overexposed to stuff that they are not able to cope with in a sensible way.

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