Using #AntiSocials hashtag, actor Siddharth reacts angrily to Sadhguru’s support for Sterlite, says ‘CMO is a disgrace, PMO doesn’t have tongue’


Popular actor Siddharth has launched a blistering attack on controversial baba, Sadhguru, for his support to Sterlite Copper plant, which has been facing mass protests from citizens in Tamil Nadu over alarming lebvel of ground level water pollution.

This was after Sadhguru extended an extraordinary support to the Vedanta-owned company and wrote, “Am not an expert on copper smelting but I know India has immense use for copper. If we don’t produce our own, of course we will buy from China. Ecological violations can be addressed legally. Lynching large businesses is economic suicide.”

This visibly irked Siddharth, who issued a terse reply using #AntiSocials hashtag, “The CMO is a disgrace. The PMO doesn’t have a tongue to talk unless it’s yoga.This isn’t the best time to list the benefits of copper smelting Sadhguru. Not now.Not yet. People were killed. By the police. Hold on. Shooting citizens is murder. Address the murder. Now. #AntiSocials.”

Siddharth wasn’t the only one, who had taken a dim view of the controversial baba’s comments in support of Sterlite. Addressing him and self-proclaimed Yoga guru, Ramdev, a Tamil Nadu minister said, “Sterlite plant won’t be reopened, we don’t care about views of Ramdev and Sadhguru.”

Faced with widespread condemnation, Sadhguru issued a clarification stating, “I am not in support of #Sterlite or any other industry or political party. Address environmental violations legally. Burning public property or closing down businesses is not in national interest. Do not politicise, LIVES HAVE BEEN LOST.”

Earlier, Ramdev, had tweeted after meeting Vedanta’s Executive Chairman, Anil Agarwal in London and praised Agarwal’s contribution ‘in the nation building process by creating lakhs of jobs and economic prosperity.’

He had gone on to add that it was the ‘international conspirators’ who had created a ‘ruckus’ at the Sterlite plant. “Industries are the temples of development for the nation. They should not be closed,” he said.

Last month the Tamil Nadu government had cancelled the land allotment to the Vedanta group’s copper plant in Tuticorin in the wake of the killing of 13 people in police firing. The cancellation of land allotment for the proposed expansion of the Sterlite Copper plant also came a day after the government ordered the state Pollution Control Board to “seal and permanently close” the existing unit.

The Tamil Nadu government was accused of carrying out ‘state-sponsored terrorism’ for its alleged collusion in the killings of 13 protesters. The state police had received plenty of flak for its insensitivity. In one video a cop was seen mocking the sufferings of one protestor by asking him to ‘stop acting.’

Tamil Nadu minister D Jayakumar asserted, “Sterlite plant will not be reopened. We’ve taken a firm stand. We don’t care about the views of Ramdev and Sadhguru.” He stressed, “Sterlite has been permanently closed.”

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