After Farah Khan’s post against workout videos, Sania Mirza says sharing cooking videos wrong; Alia Bhatt’s mother Soni Razdan disagrees; Anam Mirza slams troll


Filmmaker-choreographer Farah Khan recently courted controversy by posting an angry video threatening to unfollow those Bollywood celebrities who posted workout videos during the current lockdown. Days later, her friend and tennis star Sania Mirza has asked people to not post cooking videos during the current lockdown when hundreds of thousands of people are struggling to get hold of two square meals. However, her suggestion was met with opposition from Bollywood actress Dia Mirza and Alia Bhatt’s mother Soni Razdan. In a separate development, Sania’s sister Anam Mirza slammed a troll for spreading negativity during a global tragedy. Anam and her husband Mohammed Asaduddin are billed as Hyderabad’s Shloka Mehta and Akash Ambani.

Taking to Twitter, Sania wrote, “Aren’t we done with posting cooking videos and food pictures yet ? Just spare a thought – there are hundreds of thousands of ppl, specially in our side of the world starving to death and struggling to find food once a day if they are lucky.” 

Sania is associated with an NGO SAFA, which is currently busy distributing free food among needy people in Hyderabad. Sania’s initiative had earned her plenty of praise particularly from filmmaker-choreographer Farah Khan. Farah too had recently shared a video expressing her displeasure at Bollywood stars sharing workout videos on social media.

However, Sania’s suggestion did not go down well with Dia and Soni. Dia wrote, “Sania, I can’t tell you how many times i’ve thought of this… especially the posts on Insta… but i guess everyone has their own way of coping. One thing i am learning everyday is that there is no time or room for passing judgments. So best is to do our bit and find our way.”

Soni Razdan, for her part, wrote, “True .. It’s like everything one does is going to be wrong or offensive for someone else at some point. By the same logic when one wears an outfit and goes out and posts that pic then we should think of all those who don’t have clothes to wear and so on .. the list is endless.”

Reacting to Dia’s tweet, Sania said that she wasn’t ‘judging’ others adding that ‘it was just a thought.’ “To each their own really and everyone does have their own way of coping and this isn’t easy on anyone by any means .. just harder on some than others perhaps .. we should all be grateful we all hav what we have,” she said.

Dia replied, “It’s sensitive and empathetic to ask the question you did… and yes, there is much to be grateful for. And yes, there also is so much to be done to help all those we can. And we will. Together.”

Elsewhere, Sania’s sister Anam lashed out at a troll, who had criticised her for sharing photos of food distribution. She wrote, “Instead of wasting your time spreading negativity, please donate so you are able to help someone in need.”