Not only does he agree to work with her, Aamir Khan also lends his acting coach to Sunny Leone


Earlier this year, Sunny Leone couldn’t believe her luck when Aamir Khan had publicly agreed to work with her. Now, the porn-star and Bollywood actor has another reason to celebrate after the Rang De Basanti star has lent his acting coach to her.

When Sunny was asked in an interview if she ever thought Aamir would work with her, her answer was ,’probably never.’

To which, Aamir had announced his willingness to work opposite Sunny.

Aamir had written on his Facebook page, “I think Sunny conducted herself with a lot of grace and dignity in this interview…. I wish I could have said the same about the interviewer.

“And yes Sunny, I will be happy to work with you. I have absolutely no problems with your “past”, as the interviewer puts it. Stay blessed. Cheers. Aamir.”

Sunny, who was also invited by Aamir to his Diwali bash, has now been finessing her acting skills with Aamir’s acting coach, Prakash Bharadwaj, lately.

According to a report in Mid Day, the actor now spends the better part of the day with Bharadwaj.

“My acting-cum-diction coach takes up most of my mornings. I follow it up with dance rehearsals, something I never miss. Whatever is left of the day is devoted to work-outs,” she was quoted as saying.

Bharadwaj had first started working with Aamir during Rang De Basanti. It’s believed that he’s the man behind Aamir’s impeccable Haryanvi accent in Dangal, which is scheduled to be released next month.

Bharadwaj said, “I have worked with Katrina Kaif, Preity Zinta and a lot of other actors. I come from a theatre background. For me, it doesn’t matter where a student comes from. I am a pakka teacher who trains each student depending on his/her flaws. I don’t follow a particular formula, but work according to each individual’s talent and projects.”