Aaj Tak’s Sudhir Chaudhary, Mukesh Ambani-owned News18’s Amish Devgan, Aman Chopra and Times Now anchor found guilty of Islamophobia by Indian TV watchdog


Indian TV watchdog, NBDSA, has found several TV anchors including Sudhir Chaudhary, Aman Chopra, Amish Devgan and a colleague of Times Now’s Navika Kumar guilty of pushing Islamophobia through their news broadcasts. The News Broadcasting and Digital Standards Authority imposed a fine of Rs. 1 lakh on Times Now Navbharat anchor Himanshu Dixit, the body fined Chopra and Devgan Rs. 50,000 each.

Times Now Navbharat has been asked to remove the controversial video. The NBDSA said that it found that when some of the panellists expressed concerns about the communal angle, Dixit ‘shouted them down and did not allow them to express their views.’

“There may be some instances where boys from a particular community married Hindu girls. However, some such instances should not lead to making generalized statements regarding inter-faith marriages giving them a communal colour,” the body said.

As for Chaudhary, the NBDSA said that the controversial anchor gave a completely different colour and used the incidents of communal violence to target a particular community during his broadcast on Ram Navami. It warned Aaj Tak to be careful in the future.

Coming down heavily on Mukesh Ambani-owned News18, the NBDSA directed the channel to remove three programmes, two hosted by Chopra and one by Devgan for communalising the Shradha Walker murder case.

The NBDSA said, “The way the anchors conducted the “so-called debates” was inappropriate, as they used the premise to paint/target an entire community. The term “love jihad” should not be used loosely as religious stereotyping can corrode the secular fabric.”

The complaint was filed by one Jeet.

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