Jamia girl seeks justice through social media, no legal steps taken yet


The Jamia girl, Seema Naaz who was allegedly harassed by a local goon in the broad daylight has sought help from the police and the administration by filing a written complaint.

In a telephonic conversation with Jantakareporter.com, Zulaikha Jabeen, Seema’s friend, and social activist explained to us how it all started.

Zulaikha said that on the day of Eid, Seema and her friends had to their landlord’s place to greet them. However, on reaching there, someone else turned up who refused to identify Seema as their tenant.

A contract and rent agreement showed that Seema was their tenant. But she says she ‘was unnecessarily dragged into a property dispute case, after which she was threatened by Haji Babu (Babu Qureshi) and his supporters with dire consequences.

Zulaikha clicked Qureshi’s photos and shot video. On which, she said that the goon snatched away her phone and assaulted her.

Seema dialled 100 and immediately, called police for help. Zulaikha said that police took matter quite casually and so, they wrote to the MLA of the area, Amanatullah Khan (AAP, Okhla).

Seema later posted the screenshot of her compalint and the MLA’s reply on Facebook. The mail reads that they tried to call Seema many times but couldn’t get in touch.

On this, a supporter of Seema, posted on her wall, saying, “This is highly surprising Mr. MLA AmamatUllah is not able to reach out at her (Seema Naaz) contact number though entire contact details are available in the email written to AmanatUllah Sir.”

Seema, on 28 September revealed some more information related to this incident.

Haji Babu (Babu Qureshi, Ghufran Ali, Abdul Salam and his family members and other goons) had come with planning to molest me/my family and few police officers from PS Jamia Nagar were also a part of the plotting i.e. the Police station was well managed before the accused molested and harassed me.

On 24 Sept, 2015, a day prior to the incident of assault and harassment there was a missed called from +91-9711529033 on my phone and when I called back I found that Mr. Suman, Constable at Jamia Nagar PS was on line and he asked me “Madam aap abhi kahan hai…mein aapse milna chahta tha aur kuch baat karni hai? Ghar pe hain kya aap abhi?” I asked him why do you want to meet me and he informed me he wants to meet me about the complaint that I had lodged against Haji Babu (against the land mafia and their land grabbing acts as well as fraudulent activities) few days back. And I said that I am in the university and not home. Then he asked me, “Madam 6 baje sham tak ghar aajaogi?”. I said, I am not sure, please call me before you want to meet me. Then he asked, “Aap kal kahan hai….kya gaon jaengi ya delhi me hi rahongi?” I informed him, I am not going anywhere and will stay at Home only.

At that point of time I could not even anticipate how police can support the criminals to molest and threaten me and my family. Afterwards the probably started and the same police officer i.e. Suman was on the spot in the evening when we were molested (please refer the photograph of Mr. Suman attached).

Seema is sharing all the recent updates with her supporters on social networking site and wants Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal to look into the matter.


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