DCW Chief Swati Maliwal ends hunger strike on day 10, expresses gratitude to the government


Delhi Women’s Commission President Swati Maliwal ended her hunger strike after 10 days on Sunday (22 April). Swati said, “I was fighting alone but then I was supported by people across the country. I think this is a historical victory in independent India. I congratulate everyone on this victory.”

Earlier, Swati had announced to end her hunger strike on Saturday hours after the Union Cabinet approved an ordinance to give stringent punishment, including the death penalty, to those convicted of raping girls below 12 years. Swati, who was sitting on a hunger strike at Rajghat since last 10 days, told her supporters on Saturday, “Our demands were made in the Cabinet meeting yesterday. I wholeheartedly thank the central government. Today I will end my fast at 2 o’clock.”

Swati had earlier tweeted that he would not end his hunger strike till there was nothing concrete about the protection of daughters.

She said in tweet, “I congratulate people of this country for this victory. Very few protests have achieved so much in such less time. But until something concrete happens, I will not give up. Until a system is there which ensures safety for the last girl, I won’t give up.”

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had on Saturday appealed to Swati to break the fast, but the chairwoman of the Delhi Women’s Commission had said that she would continue the hunger strike till her demands were met. Swati Maliwal wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and raised six demands. She demanded the passage of ordinance, deployment of police personnel according to the UN standards and the responsibility of the police forces.

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