Jain Muni Vishrant Sagar calls women commodities, blame 95% of them for crimes against women


In a shocking statement, Jain Muni Vishrant Sagar has once again courted a new controversy by blaming 95% of women for crimes against them.

A report by India.com said that Jain Muni also said it was a proven fact that women were guilty in most of the cases that involved them. Referring to women as commodities, the controversial religious leader also said that there was a need to restrain them.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, he said women ought to maintain their dignity as they had two families to look after- one, that is her own and the other, that is, her in-laws family.

He said that Indian women must stay away from the western culture asking them to educate themselves along the lines of Indian culture and learn to stay within their limits.

Another Jain Muni, Tarun Sagar, too has been known for controversial statements. In May 2015, he had kicked up a massive row by his comments on Love Jihad. Describing Love Jihad an attempt to convert Hindus of India to Islam, he had gone on to add that India was in danger of becoming Pakistan if the law enforcing agencies did not stop this immediately.



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