Microsoft buys German Task management app, Wunderlist


Microsoft Corp. on its blog confirmed buying reportedly one of the best to-do list app named Wunderlist. The 6Wunderkinder GmbH, Berlin based startup has received 24 million dollars in funding since the app took the market by a storm in 2010.

The app lets consumers do anything from grocery planning to scheduling meetings and calls. The app also provides the feature to share lists and tasks with other people on the Wunderlist cloud. According to Wall Street Journal, the acquisition is made for an amount between $100 million to $200 million. This moves comes in the light of several other concerted efforts that Microsoft has taken under the command of CEO Satya Nadella to boost its presence in the mobile market.

Microsoft recently acquired to mobile app makers: San Fransisco based Acompli Inc., an email exchange platform which was speedily renamed to Outlook and Sunrise Atelier Inc., the New York based startup behind mobile calendar application.

On May 20, 6Wunderkinder announced a tie-up with Sunrise, enabling users to now see their to-do lists in the Sunrise app, and also create to-do items from their Sunrise calendar app.  With hold on three profit making apps in three quintessential categories namely emails, calendar and to-do, Microsoft hopes to make its presence felt in the growing mobile market.