Husband of co-pilot, who died in Thursday’s plane crash, blames aviation company for wife’s death


The husband of the co-pilot, who was was killed in Thursday chartered plane crash in Mumbai, has blamed the company, UV Aviation, that owned the aircraft for his wife’s death.

Among those killed in the crash of the King Air C90 12-seater aircraft were all its crew members including pilot Captian Pradeep Rajput, co-pilot Maria, an engineer Surbhi and a technician. The crash also killed a pedestrian.

Now Maria’s husband, P Kuthariya, has blamed the aviation company for his wife’s death. Speaking to reporters, he said that the deceased had informed him that the bad weather had in fact grounded the plane.

“The incident could have been averted. Maria had told me that the flight won’t be flown due to bad weather. The aviation company is responsible for this unfortunate incident,” he was quoted by ANI.

Soon after the plane crash, a section of media had reported claiming that the plane belonged to the Uttar Pradesh government. But the state government was quick to issue a denial. Principal Secretary Information Avnish Awasthi had said, “The aircraft was sold it to Mumbai’s UY Aviation. The deal was done after the plane had met with an accident in Allahabad.”

Eyewitnesses had said that the plane was seen hurtling down in the narrow Jeevadaya Lane area and crashed with a deafening sound before breaking into pieces and bursting into flames around 1.15 pm. The fuselage had broken into several pieces and one piece was recovered at least 50 metres away while some other portions of the plane burnt in the premises of an under-construction building, reported IANS. The fire was brought under control within half an hour by the fire brigade.

The aircraft’s crucial Flight Data Recorder or Black Box was recovered.

A local passerby in the vicinity of the crash was burnt fatally when some burning ATF fuel from the aircraft fell on him, said an eyewitness who was among the first to reach the spot.

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