Housing.com CEO dares Zomato and Ola founders


Rahul Yadav, Housing.com CEO has challenged Deepinder Goyal and Bhavish Aggarwal, founders, Zomato and Ola, respectively, to give away half their stake, calling this a noble act.

His Facebook post read, “Now I challenge Deepinder Goyal of Zomato and Bhavish Aggarwal of  Ola to continue this noble act and give away HALF (not full) OF THEIR SHARES to their employees. And I hope both of them spread the nominations further.”
In response to Yadav’s post, Deepinder Goyal commented, “Awww. So Cute.”
Earlier this week, Yadav had announced that he was giving away his personal stake amounting to Rs 150-200 crore to his 2,251 employees, saying that it was too early in life to be serious about money.
Sumit Jain, co-founder of Common-Floor, which competes with Housing, said entrepreneurs feeling the urge to give away shares to employee stock-option pool should do it when they are planning to retire. “Somebody being just 26, it`s too early in life to retire,” he said.
Yadav hit the limelight following his scornful resignation and subsequent apology earlier this year.