Highlights of Apple WWDC 2015


Apple in its Worldwide Developers Conference on June,9, 2015 made several announcements including the much rumored and awaited Apple Music. Following are the 5 big announcements of the day:


OS X 10.11, also known as El Capitan is all set to improve the Safari browser to a whole new level. Safari would now allow the browsers to pin sites so that they will load instantly from where the user left. Improved windows management entails that users can automatically split their screens between apps and store multiple desktop layouts in a navigation bar on top.

2) IOS 9 arrives:

Just like OS X, OS 9 makes some fine adjustments to its predecessor instead of being a totally different version. Newsstand will now be “News.” HealthKit hopes to be more functional by tracking UV exposure and menstrual cycles. iOS 9 is supposed to even take up less space on your iPhone, and it offers a “low power mode” to squeeze three extra hours out of the battery.

3) Apple Pay now in the U.K. as well:

Apple Pay is all set to come to the U.K. in July. In Britain, Apple would work with eight banks, established brands and London’s public transportation system.

4) Apple Maps navigates public transit direction:

Apple seeks to strike the biggest criticism against Apple Maps by now supporting public transit directions.In iOS 9, Maps will support bus, ferry, subway, and train routes. Transit maps are being released for select cities: Baltimore, New York, San Francisco, Beijing etc.

5) Finally Apple Music arrives:

Saving the best for the last as Apple unveiled its music service at the end of the keynote address. One can stream their favorite artists, watch music videos and exclusive clips in HD, and listen to curated playlists. A feature called “Connect” also lets unsigned artists upload their music. Apple has hired Zane Lowe to run the newly created global radio station called Beats 1. It will be available on iOS starting June 30th and to the pleasure of many, it’s also coming to Android this fall.