Data that showed higher growth during UPA rule removed by Modi government

The Centre’s Narendra Modi government has removed the data from one of its websites showing that the GDP under the Manmohan Singh regime had grown by 1.08%. Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation has now removed the data from its website.

A report by News18 said quoted the ministry as saying that “these are not official estimates” and the data will be updated shortly. The data showing better economic performance under the UPA government than that of the current regime had heaped considerable embarrassment on PM Modi.

The ministry had published what it called the back-series GDP growth report on its website on 25 July. However, faced with embarrassment, the BJP had moved swiftly to explain that the higher growth rate ‘between 2003 and 2008 was thanks to the work done by the outgoing Vajpayee government.

In a Facebook post Union Minister Arun Jaitley had written, “However, when this honeymoon ended, growth started slipping down and to ensure that growth is maintained, two significant steps were taken.. Firstly, fiscal discipline was compromised and the banking system was advised to go in for reckless lending notwithstanding the fact that it would eventually put the banks at a risk. And yet when the UPA moved out of power in 2014, the last three year record, even in terms of growth, was less than modest.”

Launching a tirade against the Modi government, former finance minister, P Chadambaram, had tweeted, “Truth has triumphed. The back series calculation of GDP has proved that the best years of economic growth were the UPA years 2004-2014.”

His subsequent tweet had read, “The UPA governments delivered the best ever decadal growth and lifted 140 million out of poverty. We thank the people for the opportunity to serve them for ten years.”

The Modi government had changed the base year for GDP calculation to 2010-11 from 2004-05, which was used by the UPA. This made the economic performance look significantly better under the current government led by PM Modi.

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