“Motivation around writing this book-set was to simplify concepts of problem-solving”: Pankaj Lochan on his management books


In the last two decades, with Organizational Quality coming to the forefront of businesses and the awareness of TQM getting a radical push in organizations, there is a need to satisfy this appetite for knowing about Quality Management methods and analytical tools to improve quality.

Amongst many publications on TQM in the market, there is a set of textbooks that come directly from classroom lectures of TQM gurus like Deming, Juran, Ishikawa etc., and the other type from Japanese industry practitioners. Both have a relevance issue in the Indian industry’s cultural context.

So, the motivation around writing this book-set was to simplify concepts of problem-solving, decision making and productivity improvement and present them with practical illustrations from operating plants and equipment.

The manufacturing industry is shorn with waste and inefficiencies and there is an opportunity to improve them! This TQM Book series that deal with the subjects of management systems required to deal with these problems. The Book Series consists of 7 books: 1) Basic Problem Solving Tools, 2) Organizational Quality Management, 3) Strategy & Policy Management, 4) Daily Work Management, 5) Employee Engagement, 6) Cross Functional Management, 7) Statistical Problem Solving

These books were a product of the last seven-eight years of works. They came up togetehr, but the publication of these books has been moved at a distance of six months from each other. It’s a set of seven books that cover the entire set of management that we deal with. The next in line to be published is Employee Engagement. The book is already in the print and should hit stalls in a month’s time.

Book TWO on Organizational Quality Management has been judged as the “Best Total Quality Management eBook of all times” by Bookauthority.com.

(The author is the Chief Human Resource Officer in JSPL and has previously worked with Tata Steel, Dr Reddy’s, JSW and Ambuja Cements)