BJP’s hidden UP agenda and why opposition mustn’t allow Modi govt to go unpunished on soldier’s suicide


The tragic death the soldier protesting over OROP implementation left the BJP utterly rattled last week, when it resorted to launch an unprecedented crackdown against opposition leaders.

BJP was seized by fear. It unleashed a police raj to quell its political opponents from making any gains from what can only be described as a disaster for Narendra Modi government at the Centre. Any politician of significance, who sought to stand with the family, which has been wronged by the government, was taken prisoner.

The scared BJP regime didn’t even think twice of making Delhi chief minister a prisoner in his own state. But to top it all, it also assaulted the family members of the dead soldier as its ministers started casting aspersion on the dignity of the dead soldier by creating a lie that he was mentally unstable.

No wonder, BJP’s attempt to hide its misdeed of forcing a soldier to take his own life, made matters worse. Its dictatorial methods made it hard for the press to maintain its silence about the soldier’s suicide. While before detention of Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal, most of the media had done its best to keep the soldier’s suicide away from the public glare, the detention made it impossible for them to hide the truth (which was embarrassing for BJP) from the public.

Exposes BJP’s fake nationalism

What explains BJP going to such great extent to prevent anyone to come to help of the bereaved son of the soldier? Why did it not fear that the confidence of international investors in Indian democracy will be shaken if BJP controlled police imprisons a CM in his own state, just for daring to stand with a victim of Modi government’s lies?

The reason is that BJP’s attempt to fashion itself as the sole repository of nationalism stood totally exposed with the soldier’s death. It exposed how PM Modi had lied about delivering on One Rank One Pension. It also exposed how BJP regime did not spare even our brave soldiers if they did not agree with it. It exposed how BJP had no hesitation in even insulting a dead soldier, simply because his death exposed the central government’s hypocrisy and Modi’s lies on OROP.

It also reminded people that the so-called nationalist BJP’s ideologue had collaborated with British regime against Indian who were risking their lives so that India could be free. It also reminded that it was a BJP goverment which didn’t even mind making money from coffins of our soldier in the coffin scam during Atal Bihari Vajpayee government.

Jeopardises BJP’s scheme to fight UP election on nationalism

If BJP’s fake nationalism is exposed, it knows it will have no chance to divide and win U.P. It knows SP and BSP have far superior cadre strength, have larger social coalition backing them. SP’s development work has robbed BJP of the development card and Mayawati is more tried and tested on welfare of Dalits and maintenance of law and order.

Thus to make people forget all of these and make them vote out of sentiments BJP has been pushing so-called nationalistic agenda to the hilt. It attacked JNU, kept Kashmir issue on the boil, started politicising the surgical strike, allegedly staged the Bhopal encounter and is constantly raising hostility with Pakistan (even though many Indians soldier are dying because of it), all just to get votes on nationalism.

All of the carefully planned and executed scheme to milk nationalism to win UP and divert people’s attention away from this government’s dismal performance, will all come undone if people see through its fake nationalism because of the death of the soldier.

This is why BJP is complaining about politicisation of the soldier’s death. It wants to keep people in ignorance about its fake nationalism, so that it can successfully use nationalism as a plant to divide and rule India. This is exactly why opposition should not allow BJP to go scot free for its role in the death of the soldier.