Kapoor & Sons: Rishi Kapoor is endearing, Alia Bhatt adorable, Sidharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan perfect in their roles


Dr Kouser Fathima

Kapoor & Sons is a wonderful movie which touches your heart. After a long time, it was good to watch a movie which is so real and so reflective of us. It depicts a typical Indian middle class family with its real characters unlike the regular rich family dramas.

Kudos to Dharma production and the director for making this movie as real as they could. Contrary to the other Dharma production family sagas like K3G which depicted the ultra rich Indian families and their huge mansions, Kapoor & sons has artistically shown the middle class family.

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Family staying in a modest house with leaky taps, old car, brothers sharing bed and cigarettes (Smoking is injurious to health!), these small details makes it identifiable by the viewers. The story is very simple. A family, which fights, hates, cries and still celebrates life together.

Each character is so real with its own fears, weaknesses, struggles and no character including the villain is perfect. Sibling rivalry, favouritism by parents, jealousies, suspicions and the little secrets make the movie even more appealing.

Rishi Kapoor as the naughty grandfather is endearing and cute, Sidharth and Fawad as the two siblings trying to be the buddies they were ones, Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Shah as the parents struggling with their relationship are all well played with no overacting.

But it is Alia Bhatt, who steals the show. She is very refreshing, natural and adorable. With great music, mesmerising scenery of Connor and the simple story, Kapoor & sons is not be missed.

Hats off to the makers and the team of Kapoor & sons.


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