Is India paying price of a secret deal between Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif?


India should know what all has been discussed and decided in meetings between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif.

Immediately after winning the Lok Sabha elections, the first shock that Modi ji had given to nation was by inviting Sharif as a guest of honour during the oath taking ceremony.

The love and warmth between the two was nowhere like leaders of two enemy nations. They were sharing gifts for each other’s families and were looking like cousin brothers.

Since then, come what may, Modi ji and Nawaj Sharif have always ensured that the two of them must meet each other as frequently as possible. They kept finding excuses to meet each other on the sidelines of various international gatherings and events.

Whether it is Paris Climate Summit or SCO summit in Russia, in Washington or Shanghai or Bangkok, these two friends have always ended up finding some time alone to spend with each other.

There are several images of two of them talking with intimacy without involving any official or individual. Walking hand in hand, hugging each other and sitting together on a sofa corner busy talking as if discussing something very personal and confidential.

Modi ji took the entire world by surprise when he ended up landing in Lahore to attend a birthday party in Sharif’s family. That day also, both Modi and Sharif spent a long time in secrecy with no one disturbing them.

Of course, there were some very selective industrialists, who were there when they both met in Lahore.

While these two kept meeting and spending quality time with each other, India kept on bleeding with series of terror attacks planned and executed by Sharif and Pakistan on Indian soil.

Within a few days of Lahore birthday bash, the Indian Air Force base at Pathankot was attacked by terrorists. This was one of the most serious attacks ever on any Indian Air Force installations.

But, with time the magic of Modi and Sharif friendship only grew in strength. What happened after this attack was unbelievable, shocking and disgusting.

India decided to invite ISI to investigate Pathankot terror attacks. The same ISI that has planned almost all terror attacks on India including Pathankot attack.

We all are witness to the black day when ISI officers were walking inside the Indian Air Force base smiling on the pretext of investigating an attack planned by them. While our brave men from various forces were seen providing them security and protection like VIPs.

What followed next were even more insults to India by our hostile neighbour. No sooner had the Pakistani delegation returned, Pakistan publicly announced that no Indian delegation will be allowed in Pakistan to carry on similar investigation as part of reciprocity.

But even this had no adverse impact on the Modi-Sharif friendship. As if nothing could ever come between the two of them.

There are talks that Sharif is facilitating some big business deals for some close friends of Modi ji. There are rumours that Modi ji has spent more time with Sharif alone than his defence minister or home minister.

Even after this worst ever terror attack in Uri, where 17 precious lives of our soldiers have been lost, Modi sarkar has continued the Status of Most favoured Nation (MFN) to Pakistan.

Now it is very clear that nothing is working out between India and Pakistan and no back channel diplomacy is of any use.

So the time has come for India to know if there is a secret deal between Modi and Sharif?

Time has come to make public what has been discussed and decided between the two leaders during various secret and not-so-secret meetings.

We Indians have all the right to know the secret of cosy friendship between our prime minister and his Pakistani counterpart.

As we pay homage to our 17 brave soldiers, the real question tonight is, Is India paying price of a secret deal between Modi and Nawaz Sharif?

(The author is an AAP leader and a cabinet minister in Arvind Kejriwal government of Delhi. Views expressed here are his own and may not subscribe to them)