Why are women across globe posting photos of their laced underwear

laced thongs
Source: Twitter

Social media platforms have erupted with a unique protest by women from across the world as they took to Twitter to post photos of their laced thongs in protest. They’ve been doing so using a hashtag #ThisIsNotConsent.

This was after a 27-year-old Irish man was acquitted of rape charges by a jury at the Central Criminal Court in Ireland. The man was facing a trial in the Irish county of Cork on charges of raping a 17-year-old girl.

What has enraged women around the world is the manner in which the rape-accused was declared not guilty. The jury that consisted of eight men and four women, deliberated for half hour before reaching a unanimous verdict.

While the girl alleged rape, the man said that the sexual encounter was consensual. In her closing remarks, the man’s lawyer, Elizabeth O’Connell SC urged the members of the jury to consider paying attention to the underwear worn by the girl that night. O’Connell said that the complainant was open to the possibility of being with someone and that the person she became attracted to ended up being the defendant.

This argument has left women across the globe incensed. They are now posting photos of their thongs arguing that wearing laced undergarments did not amount to consent for sexual encounters.

Here are some of the social media posts being uploaded from around the world on the controversy.


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