Who are these six men given death sentence for attacks on Pakistan’s Army Public School?


Pakistani military courts in have sentenced six people to death and one to life sentence for carrying out attacks an army-run school that killed more than 140 people.

The military courts also handed over death sentence to one more person for attacking Pakistani Rangers in Karachi.

Army courts have pronounced these verdicts under new law passed by parliament giving powers to military courts to initiate legal proceedings even against civilians.

A statement issued by army explained the crimes these eight people had committed but didn’t reveal the locations of these military courts. Pakistani Army chief General Raheel Sharif has approved the decision of military courts, but these eight convicts still have right to appeal against the verdicts in military courts.

Army state also stated that while most belonged to a little known militant group Tanzeem Tauhidul Jihad, which has never been known to carry out any violent attacks in the past, others belonged to Pakistani Taliban.


Who Are These Eight People:

Hazrat Ali: Ali had provided financial support for attack on Pakistan’s Army Public School and belonged to Tauhidul Jihad group

Mujibur Rahman alias Najibullah: Also a member of Tauhidul Jihad group, he’s accused of helping at ten suicide bombers planning to launch attacks on Peshawar airport. He too is accused of helping the attackers of Army Public School

Sabeel alias Yahya: Like Najibullah, he too is accused of helping those who attacked Army Public School and suicide bombers who planning to target Peshawar airport.

Maulvi Abdus Salam: Again a member of Tauhidul Jihad, but accused of killing two army officers and the director of National Development Complex.

Taj Muhammad: Member of Pakistan’s banned Tahrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, he is accused of providing shelter to those suicide bombers who caused mayhem at Army Public School in Peshawar.


Ateeq Rahman: He too is accused of being involved in the murder of the director, National Development Complex and two other army officers.

Kifayatullah alias Kaif Qari: Member of Tauhidul Jihad, he was the only one given the life sentence. Accused of helping the attackers of Army Public School


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