Watch: A squirrel ‘accused’ of stalking a woman put behind the bars in Germany!


A video of a squirrel, after it was ‘arrested’ and put behind bars has garnered more than twelve thousand views already.

German Police in North Rhine Westphalia posted a video on the Facebook page of Polizei NRW which shows a lady officer feeding honey to a cute little squirrel in the lock-up.

In a press release issued by the police station, it is said that the squirrel was “taken into custody” following an unusual emergency call by a lady from Bottrop in West Germany who blamed the squirrel for chasing her down the street.

Unable to shake the animal off, the lady called the police for help and one officer immediately came to her rescue. The squirrel, when brought to the station, was experiencing symptoms of exhaustion and the officers are planning to drop it to the rescue center once it recovers.

This is not the first time, however, that an incident of such kind has taken place. On July 7 this year, a man in Michigan accused a squirrel of having stolen his 28,000 pounds of nuts. A stalking case was then filed against the squirrel.

Squirrels in the past have also been arrested in Iran on the suspicion of spying.

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Posted by Polizei NRW Recklinghausen on Wednesday, July 15, 2015


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