Video: Beachgoers in US rescue stranded white shark that was screaming for help


In amazing footage emerging from Chatham, Massachusetts, beachgoers are seen rescuing a great white shark screaming for help after having beached itself while trying to catch seagulls.

In the viral video, rescuers are seen splashing water on the shark, near death and struggling to breathe. The people then tie a rope around the motionless animal before pulling it back to the sea using a small boat.

“We know that it was in bad shape, and we were trying to irrigate the gills to let the shark breathe and revive it,” Atlantic White Shark Conservancy member Cynthis Wigren explained to CNN affiliate WCVB.

Later in the video, the shark is seen making its passage safely through the sea as rescuers cheered with joy.

“We had a period of time when it looked like it was not going to survive,” said Wigren.

An acoustic tag has been put on the shark to record its movements and the date will be downloaded by this week’s end, said the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries.



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