US diplomat resigns, says Suu Kyi lacks moral leadership


A senior US diplomat from an international panel, set up by Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi to advise on the crisis affecting Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim population.

US diplomat

Bill Richardson, a long friend of Suu Kyi, said that the panel was a “whitewash” and accused the Burmese leader of lacking “moral leadership,’ reported BBC News. Richardson said that Suu Kyi had exploded in anger after he raised the jailing of two Reuters journalists recently.

Two Reuters journalists were recently jailed for 14 years after they filed reports on the plight of Rohingya Muslims. Thousands of Rohingya Muslims, including women and children have been murdered as part of the state-sponsored genocide. Nealy one million of them have had to escape the ethnic cleansing committed at the behest of Suu Kyi, who was ironically awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in the past.

Richardson was quoted as saying, “Her face was quivering, and if she had been a little closer to me, she might have hit me, she was so furious.” He also wrote in his statement that  he was “alarmed by the lack of sincerity with which the critical issue of citizenship was discussed.”

Suu Kyi is currently in India to take part in India’ Republic Day parade as one of the chief guests representing the ASEAN countries.

In October last year, Oxford city had withdrawn the honour it bestowed on the disgraced Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi in reaction to her complicity in the genocide of Rohingya Muslims. This humiliation on international platform had come days after the Oxford University removed Suu Kyi’s portrait amidst raging condemnation of her role in the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims by Buddhist terrorists and Burmese army.

Once admired by millions from around the world for her fight for justice, Suu Kyi has acted disgracefully while also exposing herself as a bigot and Islam hater. In 2016, she had reportedly expressed her disgust on being interviewed by a Muslim journalist from BBC. It was after Mishal Hussain of BBC interviewed her on the plight of Rohingyas in Myanmar.





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