Queen suspends British parliament on Boris Johnson’s advice allegedly to stop MPs from voting against no-deal Brexit


In an extraordinary development, the British Queen on Wednesday approved the Conservative government’s decision to suspend parliament in September allegedly to stop MPs from voting against the Brexit deal.

British Queen

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that a Queen’s Speech would take place after the suspension, on 14 October, to outline his ‘very exciting agenda,’ reported the BBC. The government’s decision to shut down parliament in September/October has caused a huge outcry among the country’s political class. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said, “Suspending Parliament is not acceptable, it is not on. What the prime minister is doing is a smash and grab on our democracy to force through a no deal.”

Corbyn minced no words when he said that when MPs return to the Commons next Tuesday, ‘the first thing we’ll do is attempt legislation to prevent what (Boris Johnson) is doing’ followed by a vote of no-confidence.

The most scathing criticism for the government’s move to shut down the parliament came from the House of Commons’ Speaker John Bercow, who usually doesn’t comment on political decisions. Bercow on Wednesday, however, called the announcement a ‘constitutional outrage.’ He said, “However it is dressed up, it is blindingly obvious that the purpose of [suspending Parliament] now would be to stop [MPs] debating Brexit and performing its duty in shaping a course for the country.”

Former Prime Minister John Major, himself a tall Conservative leader, has threatened to approach the courts to stop the shutting down of parliament. Scottish Nationalist Party’s justice spokeswoman, Joanna Cherry, is also exploring similar legal challenge in the Scottish courts.

‘John Major said that he had ‘no doubt’ Johnson’s motive was to ‘bypass a sovereign Parliament that opposes his policy on Brexit.’

Johnson has promised to take the UK out of the EU by 31 October despite a majority of the House of Commons being opposed to a no-deal Brexit.

The Indian government recently came under heavy criticism for allegedly murdering democracy after it unilaterally revoked Article 370 on Jammu and Kashmir by suspending the state’s elected assembly and arresting the state’s senior political figures and elected representatives.


  1. Johnson should act wisely. First of all whom you have selected for your office. And what will happen, and whom those selected will bring to your country. Looks like Johnson have opened the entry way for extrimist groups, illegal migrants, muslim migrants who call themselves war hit refugee, to get permanent residency how to tell government that they want to pay tax,. Now those selected office members are the active supporter of many illegal and extrimist groups supporter, so the door has opened. And about security and business, Johnson should listen to what his people and the world are talking. About brexit, there should be an open debate.


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