UK Elections: Tories Score a Surprise Win


The just concluded general elections of the United Kingdom delivered a victory for the Conservative party(also known as Tories) who held a comfortable lead over their opponent, the Labour party.

The Tories are led by incumbent Prime Minister David Cameroon. They at present with their 325 seats are one seat short of the 326 seats needed to form a government with a simple majority but are expected to easily reach the milestone to form a government in the United Kingdom. The final results are will be out in a little while.

The prime opposition to the Tories was the Labour party which performed below expectations and won 229 seats. They registered a loss of 26 seats while the Tories gained 21 seats.

The third biggest part in the parliament will be the Scottish National Party which made phenomenal gains over its previous election result in 2010. The party which had only 6 seats in the previous elections scored 56 seats in this elections.

The Conservative party’s coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats were the biggest losers of this election. The party headed by Nick Clegg held 57 seats in the parliament but got only 8 seats in these elections.

Britain`s anti-immigration party, the UK Independence Party or UKIP got one MP in the parliament in the form of Douglas Carswell while the party leader Nigel Farage is expected to lose his bid to enter the parliament. The party was voted for by three million voters.

The result declaration is still in progress and we will bring you latest on the UK general elections. Keep following Janta Ka Reporter for more updates.



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