UK and EU finally strike post-Brexit trade deal after months of deadlock, excited British PM tweets, ‘deal is done.’


The United Kingdom and the European Union have finally struck the post-Brexit deal after months of deadlock due to differences. A visibly jubilant British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted, “The deal is done.”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that both sides had ‘finally found an agreement.’ She said, “It was a long and winding road but we have got a good deal to show for it.” She said that the deal was ‘fair’ and ‘balanced’ adding that it was ‘the right and responsible thing to do.’

The European Commission President said that it was ‘time to turn the page and look to the future.’ She reiterated that the UK remained a ‘trusted partner.’

A statement by 10 Downing Street said, “Everything that the British public was promised during the 2016 referendum and in the general election last year is delivered by this deal. We have taken back control of our money, borders, laws, trade and our fishing waters.”

Johnson later told reporters that this was a ‘great treaty.’

The challenge for Boris Johnson will now be to sell the details of the deal to his MPs.

According to Sky News, the British parliament will be required to ratify the deal, but it has already broken up for Christmas. However, the Sky report added, MPs could be recalled on 30 December to approve the agreement.


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