Indian TV channels have competition from Pakistan as video of two news anchors fighting goes viral


You thought Indian TV anchors were ridiculously insane and notorious for providing the daily dose of entertainment to Indian audience in the guise of journalism? Well, they now seem to have a good competition from the not-so-friendly neighbour, Pakistan.

A video of two anchors fighting on TV has gone viral on social media platforms. In the video, the male anchor is seen speaking to his colleagues in production control room asking ‘how can I do the bulletin with her? She says I shouldn’t talk to her.’

The female anchor seeks to clarify by saying, ‘I had talked about your tone.’ But the male anchor is in no mood to calm down as he continues, “If you have a personal issue, then at least don’t discuss that with me.”

The female anchor then asks him to speak with decency. “Maine kaun si badtameezi se baat ki hai,” replies the male anchor.

The woman newsreader is then heard muttering ‘jahil (illiterate).’ The male anchor then warns his colleague to control her tongue adding that there was no end to her nagging.


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