Terror attack in two hotels in Tunisia


According to initial reports, two tourist hotels have been attacked by terrorists in the Tunisian resort district of Sousse killing at least 37 people. The report was confirmed by the interior ministry.

“The operation was carried out in two hotels. There are seven dead, maybe more,” ministry spokesman Mohamed Ali Aroui told Mosaique radio.

State television said shots were fired on a beach in front of a hotel. Security officials said that the attacker had disguised himself as a tourist and hidden a rifle under an umbrella. He reportedly took out the rifle and began shooting tourists indiscriminatel before entering the Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba, continuing to shoot as he walked past the pool.

BBC said that the video footage showed the body of a suspected gunman lying in a street. Tunisians, Britons, Germans and Belgians and at least one Irish citizen are among the dead.

In March militants killed 22 people, mainly foreign tourists, in an attack on a museum in the capital Tunis.

Police later caught the person believed to be behind this terror attack.


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