Turkey lectures US on democracy after act of terrorism by Trump supporters send shockwaves across world


Turkey on Thursday said that it was concerned by unprecedented developments in Washington DC after supporters of Donald Trump indulged in the act of terrorism by storming the Capitol building when members of the Senate and the Congress were busy ratifying the election of Joe Biden as the next President of the US.

Urging all parties in the US to use moderation and common sense, Turkey’s foreign ministry said in a statement, “We are following with concern the internal developments happening in the U.S. following the Presidential elections which culminated in the Capitol Hill building being breached by protesters today,” the ministry said in a statement.”

“We call on all parties in the U.S. to maintain restraint and prudence. We believe the U.S. will overcome this internal political crisis in a mature manner,” the ministry was quoted by Anadolu agency.

Turkey’s Parliament Speaker Mustafa Sentop wrote in English on Twitter, “We follow the events in the USA with concern and invite the parties to calmness. We believe that problems will always be solved within law and democracy. As Turkey, we have always been in favor of the law and democracy and we recommend it to everyone.”

Presidential Spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin tweeted, “We follow the recent developments in the US capital with a lot of concern.”

Fahrettin Altun, communications director of the Turkish presidency, wrote, “We maintain our belief that democracy in the USA will become operational as soon as possible with all its institutions and practices.”

Several world leaders including prime ministers of the UK, Canada and New Zealand have reacted with horror on the murder of democracy in the US.


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