Syrian refugee crisis: More migrants to arrive in Austria and Germany


Austrian officials have deployed more trains to ease the journey of the hapless Syrian refugees expected to arrive in Europe.

This after the migrants, victims of war, travelled in buses, trains and on foot to cross the Austrian border before moving on to Vienna and Munich.

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Meanwhile, both Austria and Germany are expecting thousands of more migrants from Hungary after Budapest eased restrictions on their travel.


Elsewhere, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to meet her coalition partners on the refugee crisis that has divided the EU.

Merkel said that her country could cope with the arrival of new migrants without raising taxes or ‘jeopardising’ its budget. Germany is expected to take 8 lakh refugees this year.

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Britain, after 300,000 people signed an online petition, too decided to resettle tens of thousands of Syrian refugees. Prime Minister, David Cameron said that his country was providing direct and safe route to these unfortunate people.

Meanwhile, member of the Kurdi family, who live in Vancouver, Canada, were joined by more than 100 people to remember the three Syrians, who died on the journey to Europe after fleeing the conflict in their home country. Canada had earlier rejected an asylum application on behalf of the family.

Tima Kurdi, the boys’ aunt, said that she was worried about their father Abdullah, who attended the burial for his family in Syria on Friday.


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