Suspected terror attack at French gas factory kills 1, injures several: Reports


A suspected terror attack has reportedly killed one man and left several others injured on a French factory in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier.

The attack took place near Grenoble in eastern France was reported by local newspaper Le Dauphiné libéré.

According to the newspaper, a man, who is not an employee of the factory, was found beheaded. An Islamist flag was found at the scene, the report said. The victim’s head was allegedly found hanging on the factory’s fence.

The report said, “The headless body of a person was found near the factory, but it’s not known yet if the body was transported to the site or not,” the source said, saying also “a flag with Arabic inscriptions was found on site.”

There were also reports of a loud explosion heard at the factory. French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve went to Grenoble to oversee the response to the attack.

A suspect in the attack has reportedly been detained by Grenoble police.


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