Social media goes into frenzy after Donald Trump is suspected of using body double for wife Melania


Not too long ago, concerns had grown over the well being of Melania Trump, the wife of US President Donald Trump, after she was not seen joining the latter in public engagements for several weeks.
Melania Trump

Many of Trump’s critics had then accused him of using Melania’s body double to ward off any speculations over her absence from the public scene.

This was after Melania skipped a Camp David retreat with her husband and family and did not join Trump for the G7 and North Korea summits. Her suspicious absence gave rise to many speculations with some suspecting that the former super model may have been suffering from poor health.

Others wondered if Melania was upset over the scandal caused by pornstar Stormy Daniels, who had accused Trump of paying her for sex. There were many, who wrote that that a failed plastic surgery was the reason the First US Lady remained underground.

On Saturday, a user @ItIsIMack posted a video of Trump boarding his plane with a suspicious looking lady, who he said did not look like Melania. He wrote, “No fu**ing way this is Melania..” His tweet with the video clip went viral in no time.

Thousands of users agreed with him with some even posting the screenshots of the closeup of the lady in the video announcing that she did not resemble Melania. Aside from looking relatively shorter in height, the woman in the video appeared relatively plumper. Although, it’s not rare for a former supermodel to suddenly gain weight, this transformation with even her face looking different could only be a case of Melania having undergone a drastic plastic surgery.

Such was a frenzy to the tweet on Trump allegedly using Melania’s body double that even one of the US President’s assistants had to respond to the viral social media post. Dan Scavino Jr posted a video of real Melania joining husband during a visit to a hospital as part of Trump’s official engagement.

There was little doubt over the woman’s identity in the video as the real Melania fondly interacted with children.

This is not the first time that Trump has been accused of using a body double for his wife. Rumours of Trump being accompanied by ‘fake Melania’ had first surfaced in October last year. In July this year, when Trump arrived in Brussels for a NATO summit, many felt that the lady stepping out of Air Force One wasn’t Melania. (see photo below)


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