Shocking! World Anti-Doping Agency bans Russia from Tokyo Olympics, World Cup Football in Qatar


In a huge blow to Russia’s future sporting ambition, the World Anti-Doping Agency, also known as WADA, on Monday banned the country from taking part in all major sporting events such as the next year’s Tokyo Olympics and 2022 Football World Cup scheduled to be held in Qatar for the next four years.

World Anti-Doping Agency

The WADA, however, said that the Russian athletes can still part in these competitions if they are able to demonstrate that they have been untainted. These athletes, if allowed, will have to take part under neutral flags.

Taking the remarkable decision unanimously in Lausanne in Switzerland, Wada’s executive committee handed out a four-year ban to Russia. This came months after the WADA declared the Russian anti-doping body non-compliant for manipulating laboratory data handed over to investigators in January 2019.

Rusada boss Yuri Ganus, according to BBC, has since confirmed that someone altered or deleted ‘thousands’ of entries.

Russia may also be barred from hosting or bidding for or be granted the right to host any major events for four years, during the ban period. Russia may also not be allowed to bid for the right to host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, irrespective of whether the bidding takes place during or after the four-year period.


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