Shocking video of two women being swallowed by sinkhole


A shocking video of two women being swallowed by a sinkhole has truly gone viral. In the video, two women, identified as Dr Suzan Kuday Balik and nurse Ozlem Duymaz, are seen walking while engaged in a conversation when they get swallowed by a sinkhole.


The incident reportedly took place in the Turkish city of Diyarbakir in the afternoon on Wednesday. One of the women is seen carrying shopping bags as they stop to share laughter when the tragedy strike them both.

The sidewalk, which collapsed swallowing both the women, was believed to an extension of a jewellery shop. The entire incident was captured by a CCTV camera installed nearby.

Soon the local residents arrive to their rescue as they frantically try to pull both of them out of the rubble. Much to the respite of both the women, they escape unhurt.

They were later taken to a nearby hospital, which discharged after being treated for mild injuries. The authorities have cordoned off the area after the incident.





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