Sewer hole explodes after man drops cigarette butt, video goes viral


An Iranian man has learnt the hard way just how dangerous smoking can be. A video of a man falling victim to an instant explosion soon after he threw a cigarette butt inside has now gone viral.

sewer hole explodes

The CCTV footage, recorded from a street in Tehran, has been viewed more than 12 lakh times on Reddit.

In the video a man can be seen emptying waste into a hole on the street. Soon, another man appears in the video throwing his cigarette butt into the hole.

No sooner had he thrown the cigarette butt, the hole blows up in his face leaving the screen to go blank. Seconds later, the man is seen lying on a huge pile of rubble desperately trying to crawl his way out.

The man, according to reports, has escaped unhurt.



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