Dutch Police arrest suspect after 3 killed and several injured in Utrecht tram shooting


The Dutch Police on Monday night arrested the suspect, who had alleged killed three people and injured several others after he opened fire in the Dutch city of Utrecht. The atatcker has been identified as 37-year-old Gokmen Tanis, who is believed to be of Turkish origin.

The police, however, said that the motive of the shooting was still not clear. Several media reports on Monday had said that a gunman opened fire in a tram at 24 Oktoberplain, a square outside the city centre, before running away from the spot.

Utrecht Mayor had said that the hunt for the gunman was underway.

Police spokesperson Joost Lanshage was quoted as saying, “Several shots were fired in a tram and several people were injured. Helicopters are at the scene and no arrests have been made.”

A tweet by Utrecht Police said, “A shooting occurred on the #24oktoberplein in #Utrecht. The incident has been reported at 10.45 hour. Multiple people have been injured. The surrounding area has been cordoned off and we are investigating the matter.”

The police have cordoned off the area with at least three rescue helicopters being deployed at the scene, reported CNN. Some local media reports said that the motive of the shooting may have been related to terror.

The Monday’s shooting comes just days after a terrorist in New Zealand had killed 50 Muslim worshippers as they gathered for Friday prayer at mosques in Christchurch.



  1. . Why people want to know about the religion of attacker in New Zealand or here in Netherlands ? Any person who
    attacks innocent people cannot be a follower of religion because following any religion means seeking the supernatural ”God” and His presence, trying to live
    according to His will and observe a meaninggful and sinless life; so how can a person who wants to achieve
    these goals by following religion can opt to kill innocent people ? There is no religion or faith for such murderers
    and just note that Brenton Tarrant who killed innocent people praying in the two mosques in New Zealand was not a Christian but an ”Atheist” according to
    ”dreshare.com” and if he was a true Christian he would never have done that because Christianity teaches forgiveness and tolerance with the belief that Heavenly Father will definitely punish every dead and alive for his/ wrongdoings and also give reward for his/her goodness and righteousness on the final ”Judgement day”.


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