Selfie with rattlesnake gives man $150,000 medical bill


A man from San Diego, USA faces a hospital bill of over $150,000 for treatment after being bitten by a rattlesnake while trying to take a selfie with it.

Earlier this month, Todd Fassler was trying to pose for the perfect shot along with the rattlesnake, whom he got from a bush. However, the snake bit him as his arm went purple, the Mirror reported. Fassler now has to pay a $153,161 bill.

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“My whole body was shaking and gyrating. The animal literally paralysed my whole body. My tongue was like out of my mouth, my eyes were off to the side,” the man said.

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Fassler reportedly also had a pet rattlesnake whom he released into the wild after the attack.

In India and other countries, many cases of deaths have been reported due to the selfie craze with young boys even standing above trains to get themselves clicked in the perfect pose.

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