Roger Stone, former aide of Donald Trump, convicted for lying to Congress, faces 50 year jail-term


Roger Stone, a former adviser to President Donald Trump, was on Friday convicted on charges of lying to Congress and obstructing investigation during the Russia inquiry on the 2016 Presidential elections. He now faces a maximum of 50 years of jail sentence. Though, Stone may face a lesser sentence since this is his first offence.

Roger Stone

The 67-year-old was charged with lying to the House Intelligence Committee and attempting to block the testimony of another potential witness and concealing reams of evidence from investigators. Prosecutors, according to The New York Times, claimed that he also tried to thwart the committee’s work because the truth would have ‘looked terrible’ for both the president and his campaign.

A long-time Republican operative and self-proclaimed ‘dirty trickster,’ Stone served as an adviser to Trump during his successful 2016 presidential election campaign.

The conviction of a key former aide of Trump has come amidst allegations that Trump resorted to blackmailing Ukraine to help him politically in the 2020 Presidential elections.

The verdict was reached by a jury comprising nine women and three men.


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