Reham Khan has epic reply for Twitter user, who detested marriage stating her as reason


Reham Khan has been in the news for her book, where she claimed to reveal a lot of secrets about her former husband and now soon-to-become Pakistan’s prime minister, Imran Khan.
Reham Khan

Soon after her book was published, Reham became a subject of intense social media trolling as supporters of Imran Khan targeted her with hate messages. Only on Wednesday, Reham was heckled by a woman during a TV interview. The video of Reham being harassed by an unknown woman in England had gone viral.

In the viral video, the woman is heard asking Reham, “Are you jealous of Bushra?” (Imran Khan’s new wife).”  As Reham tried to reply, the woman continued to interrupt her. To which Reham was seen explaining, “You can either talk to me or with me,” and “Should I answer your question one by one?”

The woman is heard hurling insults at her adding that she was being a hypocrite.

The hate message against Reham continued even on Thursday when a Twitter user wrote that he had detested marriage stating the former wife of Imran Khan as a reason. He wrote, “My mother at launch (lunch) today asked me that when do I plan on getting married, I replied by saying “Agar meri biwi Reham Ramzan @RehamKhan1 jaisi nikli?” and there was dead silence at the dinning table. I am honestly scared of getting married now!”

To which Reham responded, “Son try to not be an animal and you will be fine. Besides I am told I am limited edition. Stop dreaming,”

Reham, who was Imran’s second wife, had separated from him in October 2016. She had claimed that she was divorced soon after she asked for a wedding anniversary gift from him. In her recently published book, Reham claimed that Imran had five illegitimate children including one Indian.


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