Protests in Bangladesh against killing of blogger


Members of the progressive and secular group, Ganajagoran Mancha gathered at Shahbag Square in Dhaka and led a rally to protest against the brutal murder of blogger Ananta Bijoy Das.

A masked gang wielding machetes hacked a secular blogger to death Tuesday in northeastern Bangladesh in the third such deadly attack since the start of the year, police said.

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“Attackers wearing masks hacked Ananta Bijoy Das with machetes in Sylhet city at around 8.30am this morning. We have learnt that he was a writer,” deputy commissioner of Sylhet police Faisal Mahmud.

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Imran Sarker, head of a Bangladeshi bloggers` association, told a news agency that Das was “an atheist and wrote blogs for Mukto-Mona,” a website which used to be moderated by Avijit Roy, a Bangladeshi-born US citizen who was himself hacked to death in the capital Dhaka in February.

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